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Week 1, June 2022 Mobility News Archive



  • Tesla changed a direction from cutting 10% of employees due to a bad feeling about the economy to increase its headcount with flat salary; announced back-to-office message to employees

  • Tesla recovered 70% operations level of pre-COVID-lockdown in its Shanghai plant

  • Tesla AI Day is moved to Sep 30; to show a prototype of Optimus, a humanoid robot

  • Tesla is asked to respond to unexpected brake activation cases to the US gov't

  • GM cut 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV models by around $6K despite higher commodity costs

  • Cruise acquired a final permit to offer paid driverless taxi service in San Francisco

  • Ford to invest $3.7B in Michigan, Ohio and Missouri plants with local gov'ts subsidies

  • Mercedes-Benz recalls 1M vehicles globally due to break booster problems

  • Mercedes-Benz to start small series battery cells production in 2023 at Untertuerkheim site

  • Stellantis and Toyota to extend a partnership for large-size commercial vans production

  • Stellantis to halt its Melfi plant next week due to chips and parts shortages

  • SAIC Volkswagen to continue its Xinjiang plant operations despite human rights violation reports

  • Geely launched 9 satellites into space for accurate navigation system for autonomous vehicles

  • WM Motor, a Chinese EV startup, to go public in Hong Kong

  • Buick unveiled EV concept car, Wildcat; to offer all-electric vehicles by 2030

(Source: Buick)

  • DeLorean unveiled the details of Alpha 5 EV with 300 miles driving range

  • Rivian's battery pack had a fire in its Illinois factory

  • Jeep Wrangler tipped over in a crash test while good in 4 other tests

  • Rimac raised €500M Series D funding to expand business as EV components supplier

  • 8 OEMs adopted the US federal recommendations for responding to fires on lithium-ion EV batteries


  • Yummy, Latin American on-demand delivery service, raised $47M new funding

  • Appetito, an Egyption grocery delivery service, acquires Lamma, a similar startup running in Tunisia and Morocco

  • Turo, a peer-to-peer car sharing company, to expand its service to NYC and France

  • Upway, a French secondhand e-bike startup, raised $25M Series A funding


  • TomTom cut 500 employees in Maps unit due to automated map-making process

  • Felt, a social mapping platform, raised $15M Series A funding

  • Ecarx, a Chinese car tech company, signed up for company listing through SPAC


  • Panasonic delivered the first 4680 battery cell sample to Tesla

  • Panasonic may choose Kansas or Oklahoma for its battery plant location in the US

  • Controlled Thermal Resources to supply up to 25K metric tons of lithium hydroxide annually to Stellantis over 10 years

  • Toyota unveiled a home battery pack competing with Tesla's Powerwall; takes pre-orders in Japan

  • Attero, India-based electronics recycling firm, to invest $1B for better lithium-ion battery waste processing and new plants in the US and Indonesia


  • Ford CEO's EV industry expectations: consolidations among EV makers and suppliers; smaller EV makers to be acquired due to funding pressure; better expectation about Chinese EV companies over US makers; in favor of a direct vehicle purchasing from the maker; no Super Bowl ad on EV (CNBC - full article)

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