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[Week 1, Mar 2022] Mobility News Archive



  • Ford to run 2 separate units, Blue (ICE vehicles) & Model e (connectivity & EVs), under the same corporate umbrella

  • Ford to increase its investment to EVs from $30B by 2025 to $50B by 2026

  • Tesla's Gigafactory Berlin was approved by the state gov't to begin production after fulfil more requirements

  • Tesla offers free Supercharging in cities in Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to support Ukrainians' fleeing

  • Lucid decreased 2022 goal from 20K to 12K-14K EVs due to supply chains and logistics issues; delivered 125 EVs in 2021

  • Rivian rolled back 20% price increase on R1T & R1S for preorders before March 1 and published a letter with apology

  • Sony and Honda to establish a JV for EVs development and sales to launch the first model in 2025

  • Toyota restarted production in Japan after 1 day factory halt due to a cyberattack on a supplier, Kojima

  • The JV of Toyota, Hino and Isuzu to produce a battery-electric low-floor bus in 2024

  • Toyota exports and imports vehicles between UK and EU via Channel Tunnel rails to reduce CO2 emissions

  • General Motors sold its stake in Lordstown Motors; Lordstown struggles to meet production targets

  • Stellantis' Jeep to launch the first battery-electric SUV in 2023

  • Stellantis unveiled a teaser of all-electric RAM pickup planned in 2024

  • Stellantis considers to produce and sale an electricity and ethanol hybrid vehicle in Brazil by 2025

  • Volvo to test wireless EV charging in Sweden with XC49 Recharge e-SUV for 3 years

  • Volkswagen to invest €2B investment in a new EV plant in Germany

  • Polestar unveiled O2 convertible EV concept with bespoke aluminum unibody and integrated drone

(Source: Polestar)


  • Tier Mobility acquired Spin from Ford; enters into North America market

  • Waymo acquired a permit to charge riders for robotaxi ride-hailing in SF service area

  • Uber to offer unlimited free rides for Ukrainians between national border and 2 Polish cities

  • Cruise's co-founder, Kyle Vogt, is back to CEO after a sudden resignation of former CEO

  • Starship Technologies, autonomous delivery robot maker, raised additional $42M funding

  • Tortoise, a startup pivoted to mobile smart stores on delivery robots, operates with 17 retailers in US & 1 in EU

  • Gopuff, a local instant delivery startup, expanded its service to France


  • Google and Apple maps disable live traffic and incident data in Ukraine to protect citizens

  • Apple Maps show Crimea as part of Ukraine for users outside of Russia

  • Satellite Vu raised $21M funding to launch thermal imaging satellite constellation in 2023


  • Panasonic to start production of Tesla's 4680 battery cell by March 2024; looking for a land for factory in the US

  • StoreDot to deliver battery cells with a 100 mile-range in 5 min charge by 2024; in 3 min charge by 2028

  • Gogoro's e-scooter battery swap stations remained operational during a massive power outage in Taiwan

  • Nvidia was stolen sensitive data due to cyber-attack happened in last week


  • SpaceX Starlink user terminals arrived in Ukraine to keep internet connection; now focusing on cyber defense and overcome of signal jamming

  • Elon Musk and security experts warn Starlink antennas can be targeted by Russia for attacks

  • NASA awarded SpaceX for 3 more missions for Commercial Crew Transportation Capability contract, total value at $3.49B

  • Roscosmos, Russia's space agency, stops to deliver rocket engines to the US

  • Volocopter, a German-based eVTOL startup, raised $170M funding for its first commercial air taxi service targeting big cities

  • Wing, Alphabet's drone delivery service, hit 200K commercial deliveries with a supermarket chain in Australia

  • AirAsia launched a financial product marketplace in Indonesia

Reports & Articles

  • Hyundai Motor investors day: To invest $80B by 2030 in future businesses including electrification and software capabilities; targeting 1.87M BEVs annual-sales in 2030 (7% of global market share) with introduction of 17 new BEV models including Genesis - Read full article

  • Kia investor day: To launch 14 EV models by 2027; targeting 1.2M BEV annual-sales in 2030; to focus on connected car and autonomous driving technology - Read full article

  • Stellantis plans carbon net zero by 2038, 50% reduction by 2030; double net revenues to $335B a year by 2030 with double-digit profit margins; to produce 75 BEVs globally and have 34M connected cars by 2030 - Read full article

  • Measures taken by automakers towards Russia after its invasion of Ukraine; Halting production in Russia - Volkswagen, Toyota, Daimler Truck, Mercedes-Benz, AB Volvo, Ford, Renault, Hyundai, Sakoda, Mitsubishi; Sales & export suspensions against Russia - Mitsubishi, Toyota, General Motors, Volvo Cars, Volkswagen, BMW, Harley-Davidson, JLR, Aston Martin - Read full article

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  • Short Trips: Will the Ukraine war slow the momentum for EVs? (Smartcitiesdive)

  • Biden touts charging network expansion in State of the Union amid 85% jump in 2021 US EV sales (Smartcitiesdive)

  • Light-duty EVs have 64% lower life-cycle emissions than ICE vehicles - Ford study (Electrek)

  • EV revolution could crank up classic car values (CleanTechnica)

  • Opibus: The mobility startup converting Kenya to electric vehicles (CNN)

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