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Week 1, May 2022 Mobility News Archive



  • Ford's Q1 2022 results meet expectations: $34.5B revenue (5% decrease YoY); $3.1B net loss including $5.4B value loss of Rivian ($6.4B decrease YoY); $2.3B adjusted EBIT ($1.6B decrease YoY) - Read full IR report

  • Ford F-150 Lightning for is already sold out for 2022; to increase production to 150K units in next year

  • Ford to halt Mustang factory in Flat Rock next week due to a chip shortage

  • GM's Q1 2022 results beat expectations: $36B revenue ($3.5B increase YoY); 8.2% net income margin (1.1% decrease YoY); $2.09 adjusted EPS ($0.16 decrease YoY); Reaffirmed 2022 guidance - Read full IR report

  • GM to apply EV sales goals to executive compensation

  • GM unveiled a fully electric Chevy Corvette with Ultium battery platform

  • Hyundai Motor's Q1 2022 results are higher than expectations: ₩1.7T operating profit (16.4% increase YoY); ₩1.5T net profit (16.8% increase YoY) - Read full IR report

  • Mercedes-Benz's Q1 2022 results beat expectations: €34.9B revenue (€2B increase YoY); €3.6B net profit; €3.26 diluted earnings per share - Read full IR report

  • Mercedes-Benz sees no impact from the stop in Russia gas deliveries; still high remaining chips inventories in Q2

  • Mercedes-Benz to use Faurecia's Aptoide for in-vehicle control dashboard

  • Tesla to recall 14K+ Model 3 vehicles in China due to software issues potentially lead collisions

  • Tesla to recall 48K Model 3 Performance vehicles in the US due to speed display

  • Tesla's Model 3 to be purchased by Dallas County,in the US for local police

  • Tesla used lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery in half of vehicles produced in Q1 inestead of nickel-cobalt-Manganese (NCM) cell

  • Lucid to sell up to 100K vehicles to Saudi Arabia over 10 years

  • Volkswagen and BP to expand Flexpole EV charging network in EU & UK by 2024

  • Volkswagen to expand its US plant to produce e-pickup and ID.Buzz

  • Stellantis to invest $200M for new Fiat 500L EV production in Serbia

  • MAN resumed its truck production after 6 weeks due to supply chain disruption

  • Mobileye started autonomous driving test in Miami, US and Stuttgart, Germany

  • Hertz expects strong rental car demand in summer vacation

  • Dat Bike, the first domestic e-bike in Vietnam, raised $5.3M Series A funding


  • Baidu and received permits for driverless ride-hailing service in Beijing, China

  • GM to spend additional $2B for Cruise this year

(Source: Cruise)

  • OnTime, a Chinese ride-hailing service, raised $153M Series A funding from and

  • DoorDash extends 10% gas fee rewards program for delivery workers

  • Swvl, an Egyptian mass transit company, adquired Volt Lines - a B2B transportation operator and to acquire Zeelo - a UK based smart bus platform

  • Neuron Mobility, a Singaporian micromobility company, raised $43.5M Series B funding

  • Voi to partner with Drover AI in Oslo to prevent scooters' sidewalk riding

  • VisionNav Robotics, a Chinese robot maker, raised $76M Series C funding


  • DJI, a Chinese drone company, to suspend businesses in Russia and Ukraine

  • Hawaiian Airlines signed up a deal with SpaceX for free in-flight wi-fi service

  • Pyka, autonomous electic plain maker, raised $37M Series A funding

  • Marai Flight, a UK-based private jets booking service, raised $3M funding

Reports & Articles

  • German automakers still had a high dependency in 2021 on non-renewable energy sources including natural gas and coal for their operations. (Reuters)

  • Automakers are interested in Vehicle-to-Grid or Home (V2X) EV charging. BREK Electronics and Emporia Energy are already selling or ready to sell bidirectional chargers. But, safety and capacity are still challenges. (TechCrunch)

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