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Week 2, August 2022 Mobility News Archive



  • BMW 2Q 2022 results: lower output due to high supply chain issues; delivered 563K automotive vehicles (19.8% decreased yoy); €35B revenue (21.6% increased yoy); €3B net profit (36.4% decreased yoy); €4.30 earnings per share (40.5% decreased yoy) (full IR report)

  • Toyota FY2023 1Q results: a large drop in operating profit due to global chip shortage; ¥8.5T sales revenue (7% increased yoy); ¥579B operating income (42% decreased yoy); ¥758B net income (18.2% decreased yoy); ¥53.65 earnings per share (¥10.58 decreased yoy) (full IR report)

  • Lamborghini 1H 2022 results: delivered 5,090 vehicles (4.9% increased yoy); €1.3B revenue (31% increased yoy); €425M profit (70% increased yoy)

  • Ferrari 2Q 2022 results: €446M adjusted EBITDA (15% increased yoy); €34.6% margin on adjusted EBITDA (2.8ppt decreased yoy)

  • TuSimple 2Q 2022 results: $2.6M revenue (73% increased yoy); $108.6M net loss ($116.5M in 2Q 2022); expects the same annual revenue guidance and lower adjust EBITDA loss

  • Stellantis (FCA US) to pay $300M fine and forfeit due to a diesel emission fraud of 2014 to 2015 models

  • California DMV accused Tesla with a complaint of overstated Autopilot and FSD ads

  • Nikola to acquire Romeo Power, a battery modules and packs producer for large commercial EVs

  • Lucid reduced its production guidance for 2022 to a half due to supply chain and logistics challenges

  • sued 2 its former tech leaders and founders of Qingtian Truck for claiming trade secrete infringement

  • GM opens Super Cruise range to 400K miles, doubling the current level

  • GM offers $6K refund to Chevy Bolt EV owners who do not sue over battery fire of last year

  • Volkswagen ID.4 e-SUV has more affordable price in the US thanks to the domestic production

  • Hino Motors, a truck maker in Japan, falsified emission data from 2023

  • BorgWarner to acquire Rhombus Energy Solution, an EV charging provider, for North America and European market

  • UFODrive, a Europe-based EV rental service, expanded its business to San Francisco


  • Lyft 2Q 2022 results: just beats market expectations; $990.7M revenue (30% increased yoy); $377.2M net loss (49% increased yoy); 38.1% net loss margin (5.2 ppt increased yoy); $46.4M adjusted net income ($18.0 adjusted net loss in 2Q 2021); 15.9% increased yoy active rider in 1H; 11.8% increased yoy revenue per active rider in 1H (full IR report)

  • Uber 2Q 2022 results: positive free cash flow; $29.1B gross booking (33% increased yoy); $8.1B revenue (105% increased yoy); $364M adjusted EBITDA ($873M increased yoy) (full IR report)

  • Uber sold its entire Zomato stake, 7.8%, due to a big loss, $707M, on the investment

  • Ottonomy.IO, a NY-based delivery robots maker, raised $3.3M seed funding

Location Technologies

  • Innoviz Technologies to supply Cariad, a Volkswagen company, with lidar sensors at $4B value

  • Nexar, an AI company with vehicle sensor data, to acquire Veniam, a software company for connected vehicles

  • GM and Inrix launched Safety View software offering traffic information for city planners

  • LiveEO, a German satellite bigdata analytics platform, raised €19M funding


  • Prime Planet Energy & Solution, the JV of Toyota and Panasonic, to acquire 4K tonnes of lithium annually from ioneer from 2025 for EV batteries in the US market

  • GM prepays $198M to Livent for a 6 year lithium supply contract

  • European Lithium to supply BMW with lithium hydroxide for EV battery production


  • July Auto Sales in the US reported by Morgan Stanley: Increased BEV sales by 59.8% yoy while overall automotive sales went down by 8.2% yoy. Tesla is still the leader of BEV market although its share decreased to 60.9% (by 7.5% down) yoy. Non-Tesla BEV sales increased almost double, by 90.6% yoy. (full article - electrek)

  • Foreign automakers' market share in China becomes smaller while Chinese car OEMs has higher competitiveness. Mainly two reasons: a good domestic engineering talent pool; and focusing on EV development (full article - Reuters)

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