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[Week 2, Jan 2022] Weekly Mobility News Archive

Mobility News Archive: A shortcut to CES 2022 *Special edition


Toyota plans to launch its own automotive software platform by 2025

Ford will double production capacity of F-150, all-electric pickup truck

Tesla Model 3 and S recalls extend to 200K cars in China after 475K cars in the US

Tesla raises Full Self Driving software price to $12K

Uber may be a top pick in 2022 after a rocky 2021

Xpeng delivered 98K EV in 2021 with 263% YoY growth

HERE released global library of terrestrial lidar data for 3D modeling

Volta Truck and HERE Technologies partner to advance last-mile EV solutions

Aimmo, a data labeling startup, raised $12M Series A funding

Bukalapak will buy Allo Bank, an Indonesian digibank

Amazon Music is available on TomTom's IndiGo platform

DHL sells production right of StreetScooter EV to ODIN Automotive

BMW deployed 3D perception software developed by Seoul Robotics

VinFast leads $80M Series D funding for StoreDot, a fast-charging EV battery company

AirAsia will rename itself Capital A reflecting business portfolio stretches

Free Now and Zipp Mobility partner to integrate mobility services in Irish market

Voltrix Mobility enters into e-cycle segment in India

SOCAR, a Korean car-sharing startup filed for an IPO

Alibaba's auto driving lab chief Wang Gang leaves to start own business

Reports & Articles

The road to affordable autonomous mobility (Mckinsey)

Micromobility drives toward broader acceptance (GreenBiz)

The road ahead: How legacy auto brands will level the EV playing field in 2022 (Smartcitiesdive)

Taking a driverless Waymo in Phoenix over the holidays was fun but unsettling (CNBC)

Mobility Trends in CES 2022

General Motors unveiled:

  • InnerSpace, Cadillac's new self-driving concept with a luxury loveseat

  • a plan for Cruise to offer personal EVs in mid-decade (pick up truck)

  • 2 EV SUVs and Silverado EV pickup; and

  • BrightDrop (GM's EV unit) had a reservation of 5K e-delivery vans for Walmart

Qualcomm is expending its Snapdragon automotive platforms with new Volvo, Honda, Renault deals + General Motors

Sony revealed Vision-S SUV with announcement of Sony Mobility Inc

LG unveiled Omnipod, a self-driving concept cabin

Hyundai Motors announced Metamobility, a concept robot devices interact with humans

BMW unveiled:

Volvo partners with Luminar and Zenseact to introduce Ride Pilot, add-on subscription to e-SUV


  • works with Amazon to develop SmartCockpit platform

  • will become an all-electric brand by 2028 with Chrysler Airflow Concept

Mercedes-Benz unveiled Vision EQXX concept

Amazon Fire TV will be integrated Stellantis and Ford new models

Mobileye announced:

  • a partnership with Zeekr to develop all electric autonomous vehicle

  • EyeQ Ultra, a new system-on-chip for autonomous driving

Nvidia announced Drive Hyperion 8, and partnerships with EV makers, Polestar, Cruise, Zoox, Didi and TuSimple

Doosan Mobility and 42air partner for hydrogen-powered fuel cell drone delivery service

Deere developed a fully autonomous tractor for large-scale farming

Togg Mobility revealed its concept of e-SUV

Boring Co.'s loop at the underground of Las Vegas Convention Center

and more...

EV charging companies: Blink, E-Lift, Juice Bar, Wallbox and Meredot

E-bikes and scooters: Segway, Cake, Delfast, Niu, Okai, Bosch and Moonbikes

Upcoming Events

Urban-X Demo Day 10: January 11, 2022 / Virtual

MicromobilityWorld 2022: January 12, 2022 / Virtual

SmartCitiesWorld Webinar - Achieving policy objects through efficient urban traffic management: January 27, 2022 / Virtual

Move Last Mile: March 8, 2022 / Virtual

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