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Week 3, May 2022 Mobility News Archive



  • Toyota FY ending Mar 2022 financial results: ¥31T sales revenue (15.3% increase YoY); ¥3.0T operating income (25.9% increase YoY); forecasting ¥2.4T operating income (19.9% decrease YoY) in FY2023 considering higher materials and logistics costs - Read full IR report

  • Toyota to partly halt domestic factory operations for up to 6 days due to China's COVID lockdown

  • Toyota to launch its first mass-produced e-SUV for leasing only in Japan

  • Toyota to produce EV parts in India as manufacturing hub for its supply and export

  • Honda FY ending Mar 2022 financial results: ¥14.6T sales revenue (10.5% increase YoY); ¥871B operating profit (32.0% increase YoY); forecasting ¥16.3T sales revenue (11.7% increase YoY) and¥810B operating profit (7.0% decrease YoY) in FY2023 considering the uncertainty on supply and higher costs - Read full IR report

  • Nissan FY ending Mar 2022 financial results: ¥8.4T net sales (7.1% increase YoY); ¥247B operating income; forecasting ¥10T net sales (18.7% increase YoY) and ¥250B operating income (1.1% increase YoY) in FY2023 considering supply chain issues and China's COVID restrictions - Read full IR report

  • Nissan is considering a new plant in the US to meet growing EV demand

  • Subaru FY ending Mar 2022 financial results: ¥2.7T revenue (3.0% decrease YoY); ¥90B operating profit (11.7% decrease YoY); forecasting ¥3.5T (27.5% increase YoY); ¥200B operating profit (121.1% increase YoY) in FY2023 - Read full IR report

  • Subaru to build a dedicated EV plant in Japan to meet North American market demand

  • Rivian Q1 2022 results: $95M revenues; $1.6B net loss; 90K+ R1 vehicles net preorders; 600K vehicles total panned annual production capacity; reaffirmed 2022 production target for 25K vehicles - Read full IR report

  • Canoo announced $125.4M net loss in Q1 2022 with a doubt about its going concern

  • Geely to buy 1/3+ stake of Renault Korea unit to use a factory towards US market

  • Renault may hire 10K employees by 2023 from two split-off production units

  • Volkswagen to launch Scout brand in the US for all-electric SUV and pick up models

(Source: Volkswagen)

  • Volkswagen plans to produce 800K EVs this year to achieve its all-electric by 2030 goal

  • Volkswagen's EV business profit may match fossil fuel cars sooner than planned

  • Tesla recalls 130K Model 3 & Y in the US due to touchscreen overheating issue

  • Tesla suspends the plan to launch EVs in India due to unsuccessful lower tariff discussion with Indian gov't

  • Lucid to launch Air Dream Edition in EU this year with its first retail store in Germany

  • Hyundai considers to build a new EV plant in Georgia, US

  • DHL ordered 44 e-trucks from Volvo to accelerate the electrification of operations

  • Penske Truck and Shell to co-develop Level 2 e-truck charging stations across the US starting from CA

  • Lightning eMotors, a US-based commercial fleets OEM, partnered with Perrone Robotics, to offer self-driving class 3 to 7 commercial EVs

  • Xos, a LA-based commercial e-truck company, unveiled new heavy and medium duty trucks

  • Moladin, an Indonesian used-car platform, raised $95M Series B funding


  • Kakao Mobility, a Korean taxi-hailing company, to offer local service access in Southeast Asian countries partnering with Splyt

  • Moovit, an Israeli trip-planning app, to add Beep, an US-based autonomous shuttle service, in its platform

  • House of Lithium, a Canadian private equity, acquired Reby, a European micromobility startup

  • Unagi, an e-scooter manufacturer, launched on-demand rental service for hotel, luxury apartments and co-working spaces

  • Uber Eats, Serve Robotics and Motional to launch autonomous delivery pilots in LA

  • Swiggy to acquire Dineout at $200M valued all-equity deal

  • GetHenry, a German e-bike supplier to lastmile delivery companies, raised $17.4M seed funding


  • Google Maps launched immersive view mode, a combination of satellite image and street view

  • Google to introduce the new UI of Android Auto and expanded in-car entertainment options

  • Bird and Lime to use Google's ARCore Geospatial API for their visual parking systems


  • Gogoro to launch scooters and battery swapping stations in Israel partnering with Metro Motor and Paz Group

  • Indonesian President met Tesla to discuss on potential investment in nickel and EV batteries

Reports & Articles

  • AAA reported the result of its collision tests with automated driver assistance systems (ADAS) embedded in Tesla Model 3, Hyundai Santa Fe, Subaru Forester. The three cars failed to avoid colliding with dummy vehicles in some simulations. (Reuters)

  • NYC 25X25 Campaign - NYC to convert 25% of its street space from car use to pedestrian plazas, green space, bus and bike paths by 2025. (The Guardian)

  • Recent interview of Elon Musk with Financial Times: some takeaways - Tesla may stop taking orders and focus on supply; open its EV patents for free; may to buy a mining company, but not scooters. (TechCrunch)

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  • Here's how to hack CarPlay into a Tesla or F-150 (TechCrunch)

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