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Week 4, May 2022 Mobility News Archive



  • Hyundai Motor to invest $10B in the US by 2025 for robotics, urban air mobility, autonomous driving, etc. including $5.5B investment in EV and battery plants in Georgia, US

  • Hyundai Motor to invest ₩21T by 2030 to produce 45% of EVs in South Korea

  • Mercedes-Benz to use Sila's silicon-based anodes battery in new G-Class models from 2025

  • Mercedes-Benz to focus 75% investment on luxury models; to exclusively sell EVs in 2030

  • Renault unveiled a prototype of hydrogen fuel cell-powered SUV, Scenic Vision

  • Renault to sell 68% of Avtovaz stake to Russian science institute

  • Moskvich, Russia's Soviet-era car, to be rebooted using previous Renault's factory

  • Ford recalls 350K vehicles due to engine fire cases; 310K heavy-duty trucks due to an airbag issue

  • Argo AI, Ford & Volkswagen backed robotaxi startup, started driverless tests in Miami and Austin

  • Stellantis expects more than double revenues in India by 2030 with bigger opportunity than China and Russia

  • Volkswagen is in talks with Mahindra for a partnership to supply EV components

  • Tesla agreed to build an EV & battery plant in Indonesia

  • Tesla AI Day will be hosted on Aug 19, according to Elon Musk's twitter

  • Tesla stopped taking Cybertruck orders from outside of North America

  • Tesla recalls 107K+ Model 3 & Y vehicles due to an infotainment systems issue

  • Rivian CEO bought 41K shares of company stock after Ford sold its shares

  • Rivian filed a suit against Commercial Vehicle Group due to a doubled price on a custom seat package supply for Amazon vans

  • Canoo to delay EV production in Arkansas and Oklahoma plants to 2023 due to supply chain issues

  • Nissan & Mitsubishi unveiled a small EV for Japanese market with a 180km range

  • Chinese gov't may be in talks with EV makers about a continuation of subsidies in 2023

  • NAMX, a Afro-European startup, unveiled the design of its hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, to be produced in 2023


  • Bird's Q1 2022 financial results: $38M revenue (48% increased YoY, but decreased compared to Q4 2021); $10.4M net income ($39.6M net loss in Q4 2021); updated 2022 guidance to be $275M to $325M, lower than previous forecast $350M

  • Dott, a European e-scooter sharing company, launched its service in Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Uber to launch EV ride service with Tesla and Polestar vehicles via a partnership with Hertz

  • Uber and Grocery Outlet to pilot on-demand and scheduled delivery in CA, OR and WA

  • Gopuff, a instant delivery startup, may have an investment from Bob Iger, the former chairman of Walt Disney

  • Flink, a German instant delivery startup, acquired Cajoo, a similar business in France

And More...

  • Optibus, AI-based mass transit planning & operations platform, raised $100M series D funding

  • BMW i Ventures invested in Mangrove Lithium, a Canadian company for battery-grade lithium production

  • ChargeLab, a Canadian EV charging optimization software startup, raised $15M series A funding

  • CMA CGM to take 9% of Air France-KLM share for an air cargo partnership

  • Boeing launched CST-100 Starliner spacecraft and successfully docked with International Space Station

  • Wingcopter partners with Continental Drones to launch 12K drones in Sub-Saharan Africa potentially for medicine and food supply

Reports & Articles

  • As the demand of nickel surged 16.2%, the market recorded 168K tonnes supply shortfall in 2021. This year, a supply surplus of 67K tonnes is expected, thanks to the increased production capacity in Indonesia. (Reuters)

  • Takeaways from Uber's Go Get 2022: new features in ride-hailing including for travel scheduling and EV experience; autonomous delivery pilots and voice ordering in Uber Eats, and more. (TechCrunch)

More Readings...

  • Analysis: Tesla brand threatened by Musk harassment claim, criticism of Democrats (Reuters)

  • Even Amazon can't quite figure out what Astro is for (TechCrunch)

  • New Bluetooth attack can remotely unlock Tesla vehicles and smart locks (TechCrunch)

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