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Week 5, August 2022 Mobility News Archive



  • XPeng Q2 2022 results: strong revenue growth in Q2 but concern Q3 due to COVID; 34.4K total deliveries; $1.1B revenue; $403M net loss; 10.9% gross margin (1.0ppt decreased yoy) (Full IR report)

  • UK announced a plan to rollout self-driving cars on roads by 2025; £100M funding for new laws and job creation (Original paper)

  • California to allow only electric or plug-in hybrids sales in the state by 2035 while prohibiting gasoline car sales

  • Ford reopened 2023 Mustang Mach-E reservation with higher starting price by $3K to $8.5K due to expensive raw material costs

  • Ford lays off 3K employees to reduce costs and focus on EV

  • Ford revised its outlook for Europe and delays its investment in Spain for production

  • GM to halt production in its Mexico plant for a week due to supply chain issues

  • Stellantis to halt its plants in Opel, Spain and Sochaux, France for a few days due to a chip shortage

  • Mercedes-Benz started all-electric EQS SUV model in Alabama plant

  • Mercedes-Benz to launch 3 new EV models in India; to domestically assemble vehicles and set up nationwide fast-charging network

  • McLaren to enter Indian market with its first retail shop in Munbai

  • Toyota to invest in Indian market with lower-cost hybrids; partners with Suzuki to make vehicles domestically

  • Toyota expelled Hino from Japanese truck consortium due to fuel emission scandal

  • Hino halted domestic sales of its small trucks due to missing required engine tests

  • Honda to reduce production target by 40% in September due to supply chain issues

  • Hyundai may speed up construction of its EV plant in the US due to tax credit exclusion for EVs assembled outside of North America

  • Hyundai and Kia recall 280K+ SUVs in the US due to potential fire; tell owners to park vehicles outside

  • Hyundai invests in BOS Semiconductor, a Korean based system-on-chip solutions provider

  • Kia teased EV9 SUV offering 540km range

  • Xiaomi talks with BAIC to collaborate in EV business

  • Juneyao Airlines, a Chinese career, may start EV business

  • Tesla asked Dawn Project to remove a video of its car with FSD hitting and running over a child-sized mannequin

  • Rivian started to deliver R1S SUV to non-employee customers

  • Porsche lined up IPO interest at $85B value; to announce its intention in early September

  • Pilot Company, an EV charging network developer, partners with Kodiak Robotics to provide travel center service for self-driving trucks


  • Grab Q2 2022 results: reduces gross merchandise volume expectation due to strong dollar and low food delivery service demands; $321M revenue (79% increased yoy); $5.1B GMV (30% increased yoy); $572M loss (29% decreased yoy) (Full IR report)

  • DoorDash's customer data were stolen by hackers

  • Tier Mobility lays off 180 employees, 16% of total staff due to funding difficulties

  • Socar, a Korean car-sharing startup, went to public in Seoul stock market


  • Waze to stop its carpool service from September due to different commuting patterns compared to pre-pandemic

  • Google to add labels for abortion providing healthcare facilities on Search and Map


  • CATL is developing M3P, a new battery material technology, improving energy density by 10 to 20% and enabling 700km range per charge

  • Panasonic to build a new EV battery plant in Oklahoma, US, with $4B investment

  • Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz signed on MoU with Canadian gov't to secure battery raw materials

  • Gogoro reached 0.5M 2-wheeler battery swap subscribers

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